Oct 25 13 12:05 AM

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 If you've never heard of the American Wargame company LEGION WARGAMES, you are in for a treat. Founded by @*$*@ Lein in 2009, Legion has published seven high quality boxed games to date, has several more going to print soon, and many more excellent titles available for pre-order.

Legion Wargames does not rehash over done topics like Waterloo and Battle of the Bulge, instead they have gathered a stable of accomplished designers who concentrate on often ignored but exciting aspects of military history from the plains of the American West to the skies over Korea, from the Maori of New Zealand to the kamikazes off Okinawa. 

Customer service sets Legion apart from the average game company as do superb graphics and amazing EasyPunch counters. The printed counters literally fall off their cardboard trees and the sheets are wrapped in cellophane to keep them in place during shipping. In addition, they will begin including an additional color copy of each counter sheet with all their games, starting with the latest release, Picket Duty.

Do yourself a favor and check out Legion Wargames. This is a company that very much deserves wider attention!