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To strengthen his position & to improve his failing image at Home & abroad. Uther makes an alliance with the King Ban of Benico & King Bubec of Broceliande the Kings of Armorica ( Brittany). Also to the North being King Lot of Lothain in which they pledge to help each other against the Germanic hordes that threaten their Kingdoms.
To help strengthen these alliance's Uther arranges the marriages of his twin daughters Morgan & Morgause to the Kings Lot & Bubec when they come of age. In Gwent the raids from Powys enter there third year & are starting to take a toll on the Kingdoms of Gwent Dyfed . To strengthen the alliance between the two Kingdoms Queen Maira of Gwent & Prince Oengus Mac Airem of Dyfed start to court & it is said that marriage is not far off. Although it is also believed that Gorfyddyd of Powys has over his hand by allowing his warbands to raid Dumnonia the lands of the high king.

489 AD
On the whole this year is one peace & it seems that Uthers diplomacy has brought peace to Britain. Although there are rumors that there are more Saxon boats waiting to cross the German sea & bring more misery to these Isle's.
In the West dispite the raids of Powys spilling over into Dumnonia Gorfyddyd suffers no backlash from Highking Uther. Spreading the Rumour that Uther is just appeasing the powerfu just to stay Highking.l