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Sees the appointment of Vortimer ap Vortigern to the command of the Irish shore by Vortigern to appease his opponent's who are not happy about his use of Saxon mercenary's.

Vortimer is to be based at Isca ( Gwent) the old Roman garrison town which means the walls of the city are to be repaired. It is also the year that cuchulain is to marry Gormlaith sister of Art O' Hagan. The married brings Cuchulain and his companion's to the attention to their Liege Hyfaidd baron of Dinas Powy's and the rulers of Gwent Duke Eldol of Gllevum (Gloucester) and his Brother Count Eldad of Caerwent & Archbishop of Gwent.

The companion's also clash with Baron Bandelaine of Lydney who hates the Irish & Dislikes Hyfaidd. Also trouble is stired up Sarrel of Deira for Hyfaidd lord of Dinas Powy's & the companion's.

Sarrel try's to start a war between Gwent & the hill tribes of Powy's but is foiled by the companion's & Sarrel flees Gwent. Art O' Hagan is knighted by Hyfaidd as an act of gra[nipple]ude.