Apr 30 11 10:39 PM

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Hello everyone there,
When you make friends with people, you start by introducing yourself and finding a ground that you both are interested in. From that time on, a relationship is built and one that can even last one's lifetime. Building your links is just like making a new friend which you can both benefit from. If you build your link, you will also get a link from that. You start building your link relationships by looking for people who you have the same interests or share the same website contents with. You do not have to sell them or ask them anything.
You can also comment on blog-sites which interest you or is related to your field of expertise. You can share with them your own experience and idea. You can also contradict their ideas politely or update their shared information. Strike up an interesting conversation to spark the owner's interest enough to take a look at your site and allow you to link to them and vice versa. You can also use log files of your website where you can see who has viewed your page and then find out some information about them. When you have located their site, talk to them.
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May 1 11 12:47 AM

It is the first day of the month and we have our first SPAMMIMG idiot! From Pakistan no less with a sig from the U.S.A.? Why does this site attract so many of them?

This time the fool added his instructions on how to SPAM websites!

Sneaky bxggxr has used a name that is hard to check up on but not impossible.

Spammer, throw him off.

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Ashanti Medal

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May 1 11 6:22 AM

We can just hope he/she/it actually comes back and looks here (that´s if they have enough braincells to remember where they have posted thier junk ) and reads the responses.
It´s not only this site that´s getting whacked by such idiots lately...the web seems to be filling up with morons like this.

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