Feb 21 11 12:29 PM

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Hey guys!

I'm Pete, and I have been wargaming/collecting toy soldiers for a little over twenty years- mostly sci fi/fantasy starting with GW games, but have more recently branched out into PP and a few others.

In 2008 I joined Games Workshop, where I worked in their Shrewsbury store until summer of last year when I left to create Asgard Miniature Painting Studio- and haven't looked back.

It's allowed me to paint not just Space Marines, Skaven and Orcs/Orks, but a whole host of RPG models, and in fact am currently working Warlord Games' ECW for a local client.

Feel free to check out the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Asgard-Studio/148389741873424

or the website www.asgardminiaturepainting.webs.com

In the meantime, I can't wait to have a lurk around the painting areas of the forum and have a sneaky peek at all of your minis, and maybe post some of mine!

Chat soon!

Pete McF