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Nov 27 10 11:33 PM


very good site as well

for my sudan campaign i load some information about armoured train during this campaign between 1885-1898

are some information about the scale using for 15 mm, some trader for buying the locomotive and wagon.

effectivelly i making some transformation for the train came and armoured train.

some information said to me HO scale . it's good or not good

many thanks for your good advice.......

gerard from france

obligado (sorry for my portuguese) i a m a poor french man

haut les têtes messieurs la mitraille n'est pas e la merde !!

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Nov 29 10 11:50 AM

WWI Locomotives & War Series nº 5

More pics

Hi Gege
Your portuguese is acceptable :l:
Thanks for your comments

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Dec 2 10 10:16 AM

German SPG's - The "Wespe" & The "Hummel&

On BT blog:

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Dec 12 10 3:02 PM

WWII Dioramas – África & Europe

On BT blog:

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Dec 16 10 10:45 AM

Portuguese Colonial Wars

During a period of 13 years the Portuguese sustained a war in 4 different operational theaters (Guinea, Angola, Mozambique and India), thousands of miles distant from Portugal, and each from other:


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Dec 23 10 1:09 PM

Algerian & Yugoslav Wars & Dioramas


More pics on BT blog:

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