Sep 19 10 9:59 AM

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Hello Chaps,

I'm an old gamer (54 now alas) and happily back into wargaming after taking early retirement. My interests are 25/28mm Napoleonics (currently more Sharp Practice than big battalion games), SYW & AWI, other Lardy rules too covering WWII, also Warhammer ECW & Medieval and in recent times the VBCW craze in company with some of the boys down at Southend.

I'm also on GWP and OSW groups.

Already enjoying your Society site and all the good stuff on here !
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Sep 21 10 9:04 AM

Hi Cacadores,

I've taken over the dining room for battles at home, so can fight over a 8' x 5' surface. Our VBCW battles are fought down at Southend (SSWG)'s loft where they do have a very big table.

However, plans are afoot to either convert the double garage to the war room or convert a large shed in the garden.

Nothing to match certain people living in Stansted Mountfitchet of course :-?

Steve Dix

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