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I live in Louisville Ky, active with the local FOW scene but first love is ECW and TYW. (working on an specific 1610-1650 Armati tweek) Anything after 1600 encompasing guys with muskets and long sharp pointy thingees has always been a serious vice for me. The first time I saw Cromwell at the age of 9, I was hooked. (thanks dad). Recently sold 1200$ collection but am rebuilding it (no regrets), its going to be better but not neccesarily bigger and yes, I know I cant spell. My degree is a science based one. Only thing I like almost as well is Red Army WW2. RKKA. A very close second is baseball (Yankees and the local U of L cardinals baseball team who went 46 and 11 this year!) SMOKIN", I like fishing, wine (goes with the period) and shakespear. My collection is exclusively Es[Posh 'n' Becks'] 15mm, they're pricey but IMHO they'er the best amd nothing is going to change my mind about that, besides, I'm too anal retentive to mix manufacturers. (did I spell that right) Clay

Upon retirement, finding reason with civilian life is like trying to carry smoke in a basket. (My Dad).

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