Nov 28 09 8:46 AM

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Hello everyone. I have been lurking here for a few weeks now going through all the great information and wonderfully painted miniatures, so I finally decided to create an account.

A short bit about myself: My name is Maciej and am located in Boston, Massachusetts USA. I am currently working on finishing a degree in military history. I have been painting miniatures for nearly 12 years now (making a living off of it while in school for the last 7 years).

My main reason for joining the site was to hopefully learn more about historic war gaming. I use to play WH40k and WHFB when I first got into the hobby but had since set it aside due to lack of time and general interest. Currently I play a Panzergrenadier army in Flames of War once in a blue moon but would love to get into Napoleonics, AWI or ACW if not all three!

I definitely look forward to learning as much as I can and hopefully contributing what ever I can as well.
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Nov 28 09 12:32 PM

Thank you for the very nice introducion, NGArtStudios. My best friend lives in Boston. He doesn't play wargames unfortunately, since he caught the President of his Wargames club (in London) cheating!
Panzergrenadiers eh ? Does that mean you like tank battles too? My favourite.

As to the others, I guess it's what inspires you. I've always wanted to get into colonial wars: that was originally inspired mainly by films and Victorian artwork. The ones I do play, that's Napoleonics, was because they played it at the club; WW2 because of the veterans in my family and moderns, because of the televsion news and reading autobiographies I suppose.

How about you? I guess Boston is nearer to AWI battlefields than ACW, isn't it? Have you been to some?

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Nov 28 09 6:11 PM

Tank battles are definitely a favorite of my as well. Pity about your friend! It's fairly hard to find any historical war gamers around here apart for flames of war, other than that it's all warhammer as well as some warmachine.

Boston is definitely closer to AWI battlefields than it is to ACW ones but strangely enough I have been to more ACW than AWI. Really only AWI ones that I have managed to visit are Bunker Hill and Concord. ACW on the other hand I've made it out to Gettysburg, Shilo and Fredericksburg so far.

My areas of interest lay mainly in Middle Eastern and European history with US coming in after that so I have visited more sites in Europe than the US.

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