Jul 12 09 12:58 PM

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Well here we have the way I paint my 6mm rank and file.

I play with Irregular Miniatures.
You will see from the photo's that the level of detail on the casting is not as defined as on other miniatures but I have my reasons for using them.

Please note that I try to paint these as I paint 25mm, that is every part of the miniature has paint on it.
If you look under arms and between legs etc then you will not see black undercoat but the correct colour paint.
Takes longer than the other methods for 6mm but is worth it I think.

Anyway here we go:

First we undercoat them in black.
I alas bought a can of satin spray instead of matt, however I am not one to waste money so we used the satin.
(you should use matt black though)


LEFT: Slap on the red for the jackets, then paint the trousers, webbing straps and belts white.

MIDDLE: Paint the guns brown. Paint the faces and hands flesh. Paint the cuffs and boots black. Take this opportunity to paint the hats black and tidy up any flesh spills.

RIGHT: Paint the rucksack black. Paint the blanket and the ammo box/pouch grey.


-------------------------------- ------------------ ----------------------------


LEFT: Paint the bayonets on the underneath of the guns metal. Paint the plate on the hat gold.

MIDDLE: Paint the base green. This is so that if when we flock the bases some flock does not get into the gaps between the mens legs it will look green like it has been flocked.

RIGHT: Touching up mistakes, there are at this stage some minor errors. Bits of flesh on cuffs, bits of red on guns etc. Take this opportunity to touch up these mistakes.


------------------------ -------------------------------- ------------------


Now we add some minor shading.
Mix a bit of white with red making sure it is not pink and highlight the arms of the men.
Mix some grey with the black and highlight bits of the rucksacks and the hats.
Mix some grey with the white and highlight the blankets.
Mix some white with the flesh and highlight the odd hand and draw a single brush stroke half way down the middle of the face to represent a nose.
Mix some flesh with the brown and highlight the barrel of the gun.


--------------------------------- ------------------ --------------------------

Varnish in MATT and we are done. (except for the basing)

It is that easy to paint 6mm.




This is how I paint my standard rank and file.
They have no mistakes and look great from a distance, up close not so great but that is due to the casting (honest)

I will try and take a photo of the finished strip when the lighting is better so you can make out the highlights more easily.

Anyway I get through 16 strips in an 8 hour sitting including basing (not shown here) which at my crazy scale is 96 men or 1 company.

How many companies were at Waterloo again?