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Nov 9 07 7:14 AM

wel pheww we are up and ruunning so may i now say hello to all out new members and to any one out there thinking of joining us please do we are afreindly lot we dont mind some banter within reason but there is a heafty lot of war gameing painting and historical experience here

hi peeeler good to see you here peeler is a mainly naps gamer anyone out there who would like to ask questions on napolionics will find a lot of help from myself peeler cacadoers giles orician and mellow who i also knows a bit about naps as well

hi giles this is one of our painting gu rues im looking forward to giles seeing one of our club members painted figs hes on hols at the mo but i helped him learn how to paint and hes a good lad open to any advise and he is a good painter giles is a big horse and musket man a exerlant painter always helpfull and he likes his naps as well

queeni is my poor gf who puts up with so much and helped put this site togeather also paints when she can and altho she dosent think so she is a very good painter with some practise she could be very good thanks hun from all the members

cacadores hello mate good to have you on board now here if anyone needing help with ww2 this is the man you want also big into naps and always comes back with another view thas worth thinking about

a man from down under hi orcian another naps man but now shows a move to ww2 another who likes to put show games on its good to have you on board mate thanks for joining

kev now heres your role play man any advise needed this is the man to ask he plays majic as well so any majic card players out there needs help this is the man to ask good to have you here kev

richard jackson hi richard a founder member of the weekend wargamers another big napolionics player a good man to ask about rules as is peeler curently workignon a huge prussin army for the 100 days camapinge

air arms i belive a man from the welsh valley one of our fantasy players as well has historical welcome aborad mate and thanks for joining

hi mellow hope you like it here post away ask what you liek and get the discusions going now i dont know much about mellow but what i do know is when thisman posts its worth reading theres always another slante from this man its good to have you on board thanks

as you can se we have a very diverse st of members so anything you wan t to ask come and join us we are a very freindly unit with a lot of experiance we can pass on and you are very welcome to come and add yours to the list or come and learn some more

and if you like to get involved with big games this is the place to be rangeing from 2million point fantasy games to huge napolionic weekend games

thanks from the club chairman heepy

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Nov 20 07 10:20 AM

Thanks for the warm welcome, guys- much appreciated.

What will I contribute? Well, now that I'm starting to function again (loooooong story, don't ask), I'll just say that my site is a useful comparison tool for 1910-1945 28mm figures, and is slowly expanding in all eras. I also provide reviews of other things like rules and useful books. (btw- if y'all know any manufacturers who aren't represented there yet, feel free to arrange for unpainted samples to be sent over, or at least to let me know about them so I can include them in my list).

As a side-line I also do the odd master vehicle for our manufacturers, and will contribute WIP and "going to the caster's" pics as I work on new projects.

I'll also happily chip in with unwanted advice about figure ranges and rules... and maybe the odd bit of useless trivia and chatter.

Oh, and if anyone's in East Sus[Posh 'n' Becks'], feel free to contact me!

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Nov 20 07 10:37 AM

just crack on 28s im lookign forwatd to joining inwith what i can and bang any links up you want my at[nipple]ude to this site is smple its not just the egos f 2 or 3 members theres no egos here this site belongs to all of us so any ideas 28s bang them in the sugestion box anything youd like to put up the sites all yours

well with ing reason anyway if you get my drift

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Nov 27 07 11:58 PM

And....... welcome to:
'BlueCelticPagan' Like 'I_am_a_star', 'bazta' and 'timmmy', all new and virginal posters we assume . Good to have you here.

'Grumpy Old Man' - who can this be? Not Monty's side kick, surely? Already posting like a veteran, and long may it continue.

Also warmest welcomes to famous fami[tony blair] hands: 'Ronan the Librarian', 'Levied Troop', 'valleyboy' and 'johnpreece'.

Hello, in addition to yet another member down under, site runner Cardinal Biggles.

What a batch!

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Dec 1 07 6:06 PM

Welcome to Arthur Narmy
Isn't 'Narmy' the name the Americans give to the land-based sailors working in Iraq? Anyway - hope you like it here and get on with us the inmates!

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Dec 2 07 8:05 AM

this is from mr farrow2u
History, hmmm... well I used to Wargame when I was younger but it all got stored away when I had to become sensible, grow older & had to earn a living. My son is now 11 but a few years ago he started to get an interest in Military stuff. We started to collect those Del Prado Napoleonics, downloaded some simple rules & he enjoyed it.

Next moved onto playing Warhammer Ancient Battles but found we got bogged down with loads of dice throwing, like most Games Workshop stuff. He still collects anything with their name on it. WAB, still a good game system though.

Discovered DBA & found that this suited us down to the ground. Table size is relatively small, game length is fine, speed/ease of play, easy to collect/paint the armies. Plus a simple combat system which even my 6 year old daughter can do (she regularly joins in). It has a good coverage with the rules & extensions covering a wide range of periods.

We get to game shows when we can (my shifts can be a pain), shame the Stockton one has come to an end. Still at the end of the day is all about having fun, which we all have & spend more time together.


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Dec 3 07 3:46 PM

Peeler wrote:
Test post by Peeler

Ah huh, I see what you're doing now Mr P. Testing us by posting enigmatic caracatures :l:

And 'Hello' to 'Osbad' who has the rare and very special distinction of being our 44th member. Well done.

The number 44 being especially pro- er... propitious for a wargamer, being the year in which Claudius finishes his walk-over-southern-Britian-campaign in triumph (although that was just his line; the pesky Brits struggled on for a few years yet).

Oh, and Herod died. So hope to see you about :l:


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