Jan 18 12 9:38 AM

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Hi guys,

The New 2nd Edition of the Three Plains Rulebook is out now! Three Plains is an Print and Play Old Fantasy Wargame.



Its Free and you can download it from here now:


Thanks for reading guys =O)

P.S. All the other updates and the new Elves will be out in the next two days.
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Jan 24 12 3:07 PM

The New Imperial Elves Are Out For Three Plains NOW!

Hi guys, just a little update on the Elves coming out.

The lastest army is out for Three Plains is out now, the New Imperial Elves.


The Imperial Elves preside over huge ancient dark cold imperium, which rules with an iron rob! They do not care for the life that has risen up from the mire, as it reeks of Noteus’ foul touch, which is clearly beneath them. So make no mistake, they would cleanse Many of all its mortal vermin if they still had the power they once held over this chaotic world…

The Imperial Elf Army’s have the best of things of war; the best core infantry, archers, cavalry, heroes and monsters, all at their disposal. However, they number are few now, so they must rely on their supreme cunning, wit and they lowly human slaves to do all their menial tasks, which includes war making.

You can Download it here: http://epicwargaming.com/three-plains-army-lists-other-and-books/

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