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First we get some plasticard that is as wide as the scouring pads we will use to make the hedges.
Paint the card green before proceeding, it is much easier than doing it once the hedges are stuck down.


Here are the scouring pads in all their glory. Available from most supermarkets.


Then cut them into strips like this:


Once cut into strips glue them onto the plasticard, use PVA glue. Leave overnight to dry.


Once dry, dip the hedges by the base (being careful not to submerge the plasticard) into a tray of PVA/water/washing up liquid and sprinkle with scatter material.
The glue mixture needs to be a bit thicker than milk.
In this case I use woodland scenics fine turf weeds for the scatter.

Leave overnight to dry. (I line them up nice and close and place a couple of magazines on top to stop them warping too much)
These will have warped slightly but they are quite flexible, they can easily be bent back into shape.


Finish by painting the edges of the plasticard green.


These work well for up to 15mm, if using for 25mm I would suggest putting 2 pads next to each other as they may be a bit thin otherwise.

Plenty thick enough for 6mm though:


When you take into account the drying time it takes a long time to make a few hedges, you would probably be better off buying them

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Excellent. I've made a few of these with brillo pads and they work pretty well.

Very nicely laid out explanation, thanks a lot.

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