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Mar 27 11 2:06 PM

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Hello All

My connection with wargaming as been long and varied. I was introduced to wargaming by Bill Cainan when we were students at Swansea University - a Loooooooong time ago - 1970. ACW was my first period, and still a lover of it. Developed rules with Bill.

When Uni was finished I returned to Poole and started SDMS. Being a teacher I had access to the school dining rooms for meetings. Lord of the Rings became a favourite - a charge from the knights of Dol Amroth rode completely over three lines of Orcs - just as it should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becamse a member of the Society of Ancients - and my wargaming spread into the medieval period - exeter and Worthing conventions were very special events for several years.

It was at Exeter that I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons and the principle of RPG, by Paul and Teresa Bailey of Keep Wargaming in Devizes. I also began a very special friendship with Bob O'Brien - his first name was really Brian, hence BOB!!

Branching out into Saxon and Viking gaming, and eventually Byzantine in 15mm. I've still got all the armies, and many others besides, although the 15mm Byzantine army never really recovered when I lent them to a so called friend who returned them as a heap in a box with lances and spears all knotted together.

I also had a massive 15mm ACW army, complete with a hand built stage coach. Again I lent them to a friend and have never see him or the army again, although I did get the trays the toys were kept in back from the rubbish pile at the back of the house he did a moonlight flit from.


Anyway I now wargame in lots of different periods - Star Wars, WW2, ACW, AWI. And have lots of armies of all sizes from 6mm to 25mm.

Oh yes I managed to fit in 15 years as Treasurer of the Society of Ancients. Possibly talked into it by someone or other after a series of very large (triples) of Malt whiskey in the company of Charles Stuart Grant. So now I am a life Vice President of the SOA, and still chairman of the South Dorset Military Society.

SDMS used to host two conventions a year, with easily 200 to 300 gamers. My policy which never changed (even in the face of supposedly progressive thinking) was to INVITE selected traders as a service to gamers who attended - we never had the massive trade conventions. This shows the influence of the Exeter conventions of Andy Gittins era, and the Worthing conventions of Bob O'Brien.

Well if you've read this far I think I've made my point.

Feel free to get in touch, and even visit for a game one Sunday. Sometime soon I will be able to accomodate visitors.

And if you want to know any more about my history in wargaming, then a few pints are in order if you are a good listener.

All the best for and speak to me soon,

Bill Thurlow

Bill Thurlow

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