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As I only found the site a couple of weeks ago and have been making up for lost time with posts, I thought a bit of provenance was in order.

I have been wargaming since the early 1970's and am still as enthusiastic now as I was then. (Makes me early to mid-50's in case you are interested.)

Wargame in most common scales and in most common periods. Large number (35 at last count) of reasonably sized 6mm armies: 10mm Mongols and Chinese: some 15mm armies and increasing each year. (Currently painting 15mm Sassanids and Maurikian Byzantines while repainting Mongols). In 25mm I have Carthaginian, Mongols, Russian/Polish and Renaissance Polish.

The observant reader may have noticed a pattern here; I have been fascinated by the Mongols and their campaigns for as long as I can remember which probably accounts for armies in 4 different scales.

Am not a member of any club at present because of a) not being a driver and b) work hours. Task of the year is to sort out the loft so that I can get a 6 x 5 table set up for solo games. But what with other commitments ie painting figures, reading, painting figures, making terrain, watching Premiership football -West Ham United, painting figures, gardening and work, it will probably take all year!

Bit of a wargame magpie as I still have a copy of WRG 3rd Edition Ancients and Paragon WW I Aerial amongst others. (In fact I have whole Business Storage Box overflowing with old sets of wargame rules.)

Count myself as a reasonable to half-decent painter -examples of my work are on the Irregular Miniatures website -25mm Mongols and 15mm Sassanids- as well as a number of examples on the blogs listed below..

Currently running two blogs;
http://subedaissassysassanids.blogspot.com/ (A running commentary on the 15mm Sassanids and Byzantines -the clue is in the name.)
and for anything else:
Please give them a visit and let me know what you think.

Always keep your bristles upright.


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