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Hello everyone, well I've decided to register to the forums here after my friend having shown me this site. Some truly great gamers,painters & terrain makers around here.

I'm relatively young compare to some of the members around, and will soon be 16. I'm actually mostly into the Games Workshops products at the moment. With my favorites being The Lord of The Rings SBG, and newly following 40k SpaceMarines.

In school at the moment I'm fascinated by History and will surely be taking it for Highers. I'm also into my gaming a lot, like the Total War games + any strategy games are all good.

I've always liked the look of the WW2 models & also 17/18th century figures. If i were to collect a few WW2 items what names are there & where could I maybe find them? All i could think of was Airfix or Revel models, but you don't actually game with them.

Thanks for reading & look forward to posting & seeing people around.
Iain M
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Sep 21 10 6:57 PM

Hello New Member,
Highers? Would that mean you're from North Britain, Iain?

And oh yes - we certainly game with plastic kit models and figures: that's no problem and I've seen lots of games using them, or a mixture of metal and plastic. Especially for WW1 and 2.

Also 'Hat', Italieri and Revel do plastic figures from other periods. It's only a tradition: the majority like the feel of the metal and they are a bit easier to paint some think.


But if you clean the plastic figures well and spray them with car paint first, than you can paint them easily. And both kits and figures you have to spray with varnish afterwards to stop the paint coming off.

But I've never met anyone turn their noses up at the prospect of a game with one.

Anyway - be interestng to see what you decide.

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Sep 21 10 8:42 PM


ah thank you for the quick reply. Yes actually, I'm from north Scotland, almost reaching the Highlands & Islands. So you can actually use the revel/whatever kits to have a game with, & where would you find the rules? I'm quite keen on the idea, maybe just to make a diorama. My obsession is actually making terrain/scenery. I've only recently got into it, by a few months. Though i did build one project way back when I was around 12. It was Helm's Deep from lotr trilogy, it was certainly pretty darn big. Otherwise now I'm mostly into creating urban terrain, from futuristic ruins to fantasy buildings. I'm sure I could post a few things up if anyone was interested.

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Sep 24 10 2:35 PM

Indeeedy yes. Be great if you have any pics.

As for rules. I think the best bet is go for something simple to start with. And generally, if it's sort of 1/72 scale you're doing, you have to decide between 'skirmish' rules or 'company' -type rules, depending on how many figures you want to play with.

Skirmish type rules are for a few figures, maybe just 6 to 12 each side. You base the figures separately (metal washers are good) and the weapons the model has are the weapons they use. You might be able to have a couple of tanks too.

Company type rules are if you have 40 figures or so. You might base them in threes together for example, to represent squads of 10. Or you could just use single figures and have each figure represent ten men. Then one tank represents three tanks, or whatever.

There are also battlegroup-type rules, like 'Spearhead', which you usually use 6mm stuff with and then you can have humungous battles.

I use Battlegroup Panzergrenadier rules for WW2: they're company-type rules and they're also good for larger tank battles.

I think, that if I was going to start again, I'd first download some free WW2 skirmish rules from the internet. You just Google for them and there are loads. The shorter and simpler the better - perfect rules you can fit on one page. I'd give that a go with the single-based figures until I could play without looking at the rules. Also with skirmish it's quite fun to play both sides too. Then, once you've got the hang of it you buy some more sophisticated rules. Or write your own even.

Some bought rules:

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Oct 8 10 8:06 AM

My name is Yuri and I like to say thanks to the site owner for this great site and all the members of this forum for sharing good and useful information to all people.

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