Jun 13 10 8:59 PM

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Great site! Just wondered - I am trying to put together a w/g group in SW London, the last one I helped run having foundered some years ago. Must be possible. MW.
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Jun 16 10 11:08 AM


Welcome here. I visit SW20 a few times a year so I could come along since it is next door. Are you interested in historical games?

You could put something in this section:

''Clubs or just like to meet for a game?'' which is near the bottom of the home page.

Cacadores and I go along to the South London Warlords sometimes in Dulwich. It is quite a way but luckily there are a couple of players in SW19 who give us a lift. Otherwise there's the Mitcham Marauders who are into fantasy and Sci Fi and meet only once a month. There is a group that play occasionally in Abingdon, also not so near but they do bring-a-sleeping-bag weekend games. There was a group in Kingston as well but I believe they're now defunct.

Otherwise I think there is great potential to start a group in SW London, if only because of the size of the population. I helped start a group once. I found the great thing is to have a regular venue and regular meeting time and then to go along ready to put a game on so people do not feel under pressure to make an arrangement. And to do that even if that means turning up alone a few times. That generally means finding a venue you do not have to pay for. Alternatively, doing a few weekend 'specials' with people you have got through the internet at least gets a core of interested people who can tell their friends.

Perhaps you could tell us what your ideas are. I am sure one of us could help.

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Jun 29 10 4:31 PM


Yes I was with the Warlords but the transport was impossible.
I was just trying to generate interest to see if there were enough people in SW London to put something together. Historical, though not necessarily exclusively. M.

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Sep 25 10 1:08 PM


There is a clubhouse not too far away, bridge nights and that sort of thing. Again, it comes down to the usual problem, we need a minimum of 8 to 12 members living locally to make a club viable. I speak from experience.
I would happily take on some of the admin. The point is, as ever, can we identify people in the area keen to take part? MW.

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Sep 26 10 5:38 PM

Hope to be over there in Nov. and I'll let you know. I'm not there all the time but a few of the Warlords, including a few historical players live that way and I could ask them when I'm over there. One of us could supply the figures easily enough. I think some of them would be up for some extra gaming somewhere nearer if only because Dulwich is such a hike.

As for getting other players, they often like to come and see before they commit themselves so it would be good to have some way to start with less than 8. Still, I'm up for trying to get something going.

Think you could get a venue mid-November?

There's also Adam on here from Chatham if you fancy a trip!

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