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Hi I am Mapleleaf , aka Ted Kennedy, ( yes it's my real name) and just joined.

I saw the link on The Miniatures Page where I also go by Mapleleaf. liked what I saw and registered. I have been gaming for many years and have done armies in several periods and scales. I do primarily Historical in 6mm and 15mm.

I am currently on a gaming break as I am now in Beijing China with most of my stuff back in my home town of Toronto. Not much gaming going on here some fantasy groups and a few historicals doing WW11. i have been painting larger scale figures which is another side of my hobby plus collecting and reading books on China

On my last visit home I bought some FOW stuff to do NW Europe in areas involving he Canadian Army. I have these here and will start work on them now that I have been able to find some paints and basing materials.-

Looking forward to seeing what is here. If anyone has any questions on China feel free to ask and I can see what I can come up with.

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May 12 10 11:18 AM

Presume you're Canadian then, Mapleleaf? There were some discussions here about the Kangeroos used by the Canadians in WW2. Did you ever hear about them getting close to combat (the reason: to make models of them)?

Have you thought about starting a wargaming group there in China? I guess you'd want a blog or something and then putting links up to it.

Otherwise, have you read about 'Chinese' Gordon and the Nationalist-Christian wars? I got inspired by the Flashman books. They'd probably be quite interesting to do: morale of lack of it seemed to be the main reason for winning or losing.

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May 31 10 4:28 AM


Sorry for late reply

Going by my reading Kangeroos s were used mainly as transport where soft skinned or wheeled vehicles could not go. For example in NW Europe a lot of the area in Holland was flooded restricting access to roads that were either very muddy or raised up causeway like. In Normandy you had to cross open fields that were often under fire.

A Kangeroo although having limited armour could get a section in close enough to launch a foot assault saving the infantry from both the trek and harassing fire. I found no examples of a kangeroo charge As they were armed only with a mg.

Re Beijing some groups here but mainly into GW stuff, fantasy or periods I do not do. My main gaming stuff is back in Canada To start doing new armies is not only expensive but I would have to then get them back to Canada or abandon them. Saying that I am currently working on some FOW stuff as I have the time and it is relatively easy to transport

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May 31 10 7:25 PM

Or do plastics I suppose - but then the vehicles are a bit fragile. Sometimes with these fantasy gamers there are people who'd like to do historical but who don't know how to start.

Otherwise, I can't really see the attraction in GW stuff, myself. You have to be into the story behind it I suppose. I think I'd only be interested in playing a fantasy game if it was based upon a film I'd seen perhaps. Not Star Wars though - too many miscellaneous creatures. 'Dune' perhaps: most of the table would be a big worm!

Hope you'll show us some photos of your stuff when its done.


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