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With woods and wargames I generally see 1 of 2 things happen when men enter woods, either the men are balanced on the top of the trees (looks daft) or the woods are removed and replaced with a string outline (boo hiss bring back the nice looking woods)

So here is the something I have been meaning to do in ages.
A section of woods with removalable trees for when the minatures get in there!



The tree holders are actually unused tubes from cotton wool buds.
They are ridged and will hopefully look slightly woody when painted.

------------------------------------- ----------

Now we have some rough texture applied to make it more like undergrowth and less like a field.
(this is sand textured gel, similar to Vallejo pumice)
Also there is a rough patch left flat which will be made to look like a path/trail that will marry up with my paths on my terrain tiles.

(I hope)


Build time so far: 9 minutes

--------------------------------------- ---------------------

Now we have painted the edges of the base, painted the tree trunks and flocked the wee little pathway..


14 minutes build time so far.

------------------------------ ---------------------------------


Now we have the first 2 layers of flock.
Dark green base with lumps in it from my hedge making pot of flock.
Then a layer of green with some bits of brown it.
A bit of grass down the middle of the path where the wagon wheels don't go.

Starting to look a bit more woody now....

Total build time 19 minutes.

----------------------------- -------------------------------

Next layer of flocking, some lighter grass shades and some rocky bits.


Total build time 24 minutes.

---------------------------------- ----------------------------

The almost final step is adding a sheath around the thin tree trunk.
The bottom holder section is thicker than the rest of the trunk so I have added a sheath (again made from cotton wool buds) to the rest of the trunk ensuring it looks a bit more fluid.


34 minutes to build so far.

------------------------ ---------------------------------

Some French Voltigeurs approach the woods.

Inside the woods with trees removed, making it easy to place the miniatures.

Inside the woods with the trees put back in place, easy peasy.

42 minutes total build time.
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Jul 18 09 11:19 PM

Blush as much as your want, I say as I find mate. ;-)

I've tried lots of combinations with trees to no avail, and avoided things like orchards because you can't have a base deploy into them and have something which still looks like an orchard... well until I saw this.

Adds to list of must builds...

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