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Hello all,
My name is Henry, a wargaming fan since high school back in the late 70's. A fan really since I never owned any miniatures (that is until recently), but enjoyed watching and playing Sci-Fi /WW2/Moderns games infrequently. Recently I've been going on a tear that started with the Memoir 44 board game adding Perrin, and hopefully some Pendraken miniatures in order to perhaps get some of my workmates interested in playing WW2. I'm looking getting into 15mm late WW2 and early Cold War scenarios (inspired heavily by Bob Mackenzie's work - simply brilliant). Well that's pretty much it, as I look forward to learning quite a bit from the Society members, and contribute what I can.
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Jan 27 09 11:22 PM

Thanks for joining, The Chebb

Bob Mackenzie has some good ideas about senarios, and his philosophy on what makes a good game is interesting.

Welcome aboard!

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