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ok its clod dark the men are uneasy the briths are trying to push through to join up with the hard pressed Americans

our intrepid force lead by that dashing cpt sir markus divillier peelerier meats up with a small american force lead by the gallent major ben shootem up

un known to them the ss major richie von syhtihousen has being given orders to hold the road junktion to the village bloking the path on the out skirts of the american beach head

so to show that the britsh and American have no idea where the germans are the table only has the british and american troops on the table

richie puts down marks which are one pence pices to represent the hidden germans obviously theres more markers than there is figs

once the markers is in line of site and 4 inches from the allies figs then they may roll a dice to activate the marker on a 4 plus the marks is a platoon of German figs 1,2, or 3 its nothing and removed

also when the marker is activated richie gets 1st go to shoot

ie the trap is laid and used

so there you have it a small skirmish game for ww2 lets see how it pans out
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