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May 8 08 9:25 PM


thats very generous of you, I might just take you up on that. Don't talk to me about packing, I am in the middle of that now for a house move. Its taking forever and is the only time I wish I'd taken up internet porn as a hobby instead. I have more boxes in my wargames room than the rest of the house. Then, I won't be trusting the movers to do it for me, and will have to move the toys myself. You said it man, never again. And the books...................don't get me started.

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May 18 08 10:17 AM

Well done to my learned friend, SCV members exist over here as well believe it or not!!!! Here in Scarborough we even have aa Confederate Veteran Grave Marker in our local cemetery. A Private James Weadley, 3rd Tennessee Infantry, Killed at Shiloh. But back to the volunteer question, a lot of men on both sides fought in the old US Army, both as Volunteers and regulars in Mexico, Imyself portray a Veteran of that conflict, cos I'm old(please note, I put this in before Uriah could!)

"Upon my oath, I am not a violent man......."
Sergeant "Jack" Jackrum, 10th Light Infantry, Borogravia

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